Creating Sustainability in Music by Bringing Everyone Together

We Advocate For Everyone in the Industry

The Fans
  • Ranking fans by their engagement and dedication

  • Giving free-bees and exclusives to biggest fans

  • Everything music in one place

  • Find music and groups that are truly similar to what you like

  • Recognition and appreciation await music fans on Ouveer.

  • Do everything related to your business in a single app

  • Review insights on your fan-base for free

  • Merch and tour management

  • Plan out future partnerships with other musicians/labels/managers all on Ouveer.

Managers & Labels

•    Crunch the numbers using customized profitability formulas
•    Breakdown feedback by engagement on Ouveer.
•    Plan collabs and evaluate potential talent based on your metrics 
•    See what your analysts aren't focusing on all on your Ouveer profile.

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What People in the Industry Think

“Ouveer is going to be one heck of a platform. We’re thrilled to be a part of a platform that aims to provide a one stop shop experience for fans to interact and consume content from their favorite record labels and artists. We’re excited to support this new business in the world of Digital Music and will be sure to push it heavily to our clients!”

- Jorge Brea, CEO Symphonic Distribution

"The guys at Ouveer get the struggle that musicians face. Their approach is a game changer, and I look forward to helping promote the platform to the world."

- "Five Star" Rico (Platinum Producer for Meek Mill, Rick Ross,and French Montana)

“The Ouveer team has shown proficiency, efficiency and adaptability in the ever changing music industry.  Their sound understanding of the digital realm has paved the way for an innovative platform that ultimately helps musicians and songwriters in reaching a broader global audience.“

- Javan Mershad, CEO MondoTunes

Supported by:

-Thousands of Musicians

-Dozens of Producers

-Hundreds of Labels and



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A Little Bit About Us


We are a group of music fanatics who have experience in every subset of the industry. Like everyone else we were dissatisfied with the lack of mainstream quality content and the difficulty that real musicians face when trying to make a living. In exploring every aspect of the industry we found that bringing everyone together and giving them control was the way to a better world in music.


We want the old adage of being recognized and rewarded for hard work and effort to be a reality for musicians and their fans. We are striving to create a place where your expertise is recognized instead of you being part of some aggregate. Overall, we want to create a place where people choose what defines "similar" and "good" so they can find more of it.


Our approach is simple: show the industry who the fans are, and give them the tools to define and find what they consider relevant. We are doing this through a tiered system and advanced search/filtration system that recognize all subsets of music and their overlap.


Current Status

The Ouveer platform is currently under further development. We are finalizing some of our advanced features on iOS and Android. After these developments are complete, we will open the platform for Beta testing and feedback.


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